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Indian food in Philippines

Yes, there are many Indian restaurants in the Philippines where you can find authentic Indian food. Some popular Indian restaurants in major cities of the Philippines are:

1. Kashmir Indian Cuisine (Makati City)

2. New Bombay Royale (Makati City)

3. Swagat Indian Cuisine (Manila)

4. Little India Healthy Cuisine (Manila)

5. Tajimaya Charcoal Grill (Cebu City)

6. Bollywood Tandoor (Boracay Island)

These restaurants offer a variety of dishes from different regions of India, such as biryani, curry, tandoori chicken, naan, and many more. Some of these restaurants also offer vegetarian and vegan options. You can also find Indian spices and ingredients in many supermarkets and grocery stores across the country, which makes it easier to cook your own Indian food if you prefer.

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